Still have some unanswered questions? Get up to speed by reading our frequently asked questions below! If you still have any questions, give us a call or contact us online.

What are your hours of operation?

Monday-Friday: 8am-6pm EST

Saturday-Sunday: Closed

Is it necessary to bring all of our own tools to our scheduled appointment?

No. Tools are provided for your use. However, if your machine requires any special tooling please be sure to bring that with you.

Do you have loading and unloading equipment available?

Yes. Chain hoists and forklifts are available on site for your use.

What should I bring to my scheduled dyno testing appointment?

  • Engine in “ready-to-run” condition (can be brought as “engine-only” or mounted in frame)
  • Flywheel  attached (an adapter plate will be attached to your flywheel during testing)
  • The fuel and water that you normally run on the track to baseline your typical pulling setup
  • Any parts that you have that you would like to experiment with (high performance parts are also available for purchase from Salenbien Performance)

How will my engine be mounted to the dynamometer?

Specialty carts of various sizes are provided by Salenbien Performance to attach to the rear of your engine block.

How long should I expect my dynamometer testing session to last?

This really depends on the condition of your engine upon arrival.  Normally, clients are comfortable with a single day of dyno testing.  However, if you have never been to Salenbien Performance or a dynamometer it is recommended that a 2-day appointment is made to ensure that you have sufficient time to gain as much improvement with your engine as possible.

Are there any modifications that I should make to my engine to prepare it for your dyno?

During testing it is necessary to have access to 1/8” pipe fittings on every exhaust port to acquire all temperature readings.  In addition to each of the exhaust ports the intake pressure, exhaust pressure, water pressure, fuel pressure, and oil pressure must also have 1/8 “ port access for acquiring all diagnostics during dyno testing.  It is recommended that these ports are drilled before your appointment. Calibrated sensors are provided by Salenbien Performance during testing.

I am concerned about my engine getting too hot during a full day of testing. How will you cool the engine between tests/runs?

A special cooling tower is available and attached to your engine to cool the entire system and to assist in regulating engine temperatures.

What are your rates of service?

This depends on your service requirements.  However, a minimal fee for a day on the dyno is $900.  This includes setup, tear-down, and as many dyno runs as possible during the scheduled day.

What is the best route to your facility?

US-23 to Exit 22 (Cone Rd.).  Turn right on Ann Arbor Rd. to Ostrander Rd.  Turn left on Ostrander Rd. and travel 5 miles to the end.  Turn right on Yensch Rd and travel ¼ mile to Ostrander  Rd. continuing.  Turn left on Ostrander Rd and travel 2 miles to Gramlich Rd.  Make a left onto Gramlich Rd.  Salenbien Performance is the second establishment on the right (gray building/second bay). Click here to get driving directions.