Tractor Pulling Dyno Testing And Tuning

We Specialize In Diesel Tractor Pulling Dyno Tuning!

  • We offer a complete diesel engine dynamometer testing facility with a 3000 and 6000 + HP dyno cabablities.
  • We test and tune to achieve the highest output for your engine.
  • We offer a professional, comfortable and safe test cell with video monitoring capabilities.
  • Both in-frame and out-of-frame engine testing  are available.
  • Sophisticated software and data acquisition with customized graphs and reports provided.
  • Tear down bays with overhead cranes and tools provided for use.
  • Engine handling equipment is available, including forklifts and hoists.
  • Clean climate controlled atmosphere.
  • We offer a drop off/ pick up test and tune service.
  • Competitive rates, confidential and loyal service...