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Diesel Pulling Performance Products

Performance parts we stock and available for purchase:

Precision Turbochargers  & Columbus Diesel Turbochargers
Tractor Pulling Precision Turbo  Tractor Pulling Turbo Exhaust Housing

Billet Injectors
Tractor Pulling Billet Injectors

 Vickers Water Pumps
Tractor Pulling Water Pump 

Rocker Arm Set-Ups
Tractor Pulling John Deere Bridge Shaft  Tractor Pulling Billet Rocker Arms

Engine Deck Plates
Tractor Pulling Engine Deck Plate

Valve Cover Spacer
Tractor Pulling Valve Cover Spacer

Air Velocity Stack w/Gate
Tractor Pulling Air Velocity Stack With Gate

Billet Connecting Rods
Tractor Pulling Billet Connecting Rod

Water Injection Valves
Tractor Pulling Water Injection Valve

Injection Lines
Tractor Pulling Diesel Engine Injection Lines

Injection Pumps
Tractor Pulling Diesel Injection Pumps


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